The debate over the safety of electronic cigars came one step closer to conclusion today as a study that was conducted on the vapor of electronic cigars and cigarettes was released. In an industry that has been dominated by speculation and assumption, this study, sponsored by Consulting for Health, Air, Nature, and a Greener Environment (CHANGE), provides much needed scientific clarity. The stunning conclusion of this study? The vapor emitted by electronic cigarettes and e cigars produce “no significant risk” to human health.

While it is no secret that second hand smoke from traditional tobacco can cause a variety of health issues, for smokers and non-smokers alike, it has long been debated as to whether or not the vapor that is produced from electronic cigarette and electronic cigar smokers was any better.

“That’s one reason why I refused to let e cigars be used in my club,” said Dennis R., a club owner in Seattle. “All of my smokers, whether they were regular cigarettes or electronic cigars, had to go outside.” This has been a common response of many entertainment venues, from clubs to convention centers and stadiums.

In July of 2009, the FDA issued a report that warned of potential concerns over the use of electronic cigars and cigarettes. While this served to alarm potential e cigar and e cigarette consumers and business owners, it provided no scientific evidence to substantiate these claims. To date, there has been no scientific research that has affirmed the misconception that emissions from electronic cigars and cigarettes are harmful.

Quite to the contrary, in fact. The peer reviewed study released by The Journal of Inhalation Toxicology brings those doubts to an end. This study compared the levels of toxins present in both electronic cigarette/cigar vapor and smoke from traditional tobacco. It is no surprise, as is reinforced by the study, that smoke from a regular cigarette presents considerable risk to human health and air quality, as well as increasing the potential for cancer in both smokers and non-smokers.

But the groundbreaking conclusions of this study are what they reveal about the vapor of electronic cigars and cigarettes. Not only does this study show that the vapor released from an e cigar or e cigarette has “very low indoor air quality impact(s),” but it also shows that there is “no apparent risk to human health.”

“This is a very important study,” states Jess Leaver of Antonio Villard, who distributes a line of premium electronic cigars. “What we have is an independent study that is peer reviewed by the scientific community, which shows that the data is relevant. Those of us in the industry have known for a long time that the vapor produced by electronic cigars or cigarettes is a much cleaner alternative to traditional tobacco products but now that thought has been validated by research rooted in science.”

The implications are clear. The vapor produced by an e cigar or e cigarette presents little to no risk to air quality and poses no apparent harm to people who are exposed to it.

“Honestly, I just assumed that it was just like smoke,” said Dennis.

E Cigar and e cigarette companies have long asserted otherwise, and now, thanks to CHANGE and The Journal of Inhalation Toxicology, they have scientific proof.

Tristan McMurphy
Chief Operations Officer
Antonio Villard