In November of 2012, Pima County enacted a law that bans smoking and smokeless tobacco use on property owned by the county. This also extends to electronic cigarettes and electronic cigars. The new law, which county official’s plans to enforce fully, went in to effect on January 1, 2013.

Essentially this law prohibits the use of any tobacco product inside any county building or in any adjacent areas. This includes the outdoor areas immediately surrounding county buildings, such as parking lots. The ban even extends to public parks. Both parking lots and parks had previously been fair game for smokers, as long as they remained a certain distance from building entrances. Electronic cigar and e cigarette users had previously not been prohibited from using their devices indoors.

This ban will not only be problematic for numerous county employees who can no longer simply go outside for their smoke breaks, but it will also affect e cigarette and e cigar users who have chosen to live smoke free lives.

“Honestly, this pretty much sucks,” said Steven B. “My kids gave me an e cigar as a Christmas gift. They thought it would be good for me to have at work. Now I can’t even use it when I step out to get a breath of fresh air.”

This recent law goes in to effect in spite of numerous independent studies that have recently concluded that ecigars and e cigarettes only produce water based vapor that has “no apparent risk to human health.” Studies that were released in 2012 showed that the levels of toxins that were emitted not only dissipated quickly, but left no trace in the surrounding air.

Lumping e cigars and electronic cigarettes in with smoking bans not only seems like a direct assault on those who are choosing the cleaner alternative, but also flies in the face of scientific research.

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