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The Cubana

This electronic cigar is equivalent to approximately 1000 puffs. While it has the look, taste and feel of a conventional cigar, this e cigar only emits a water based vapor that does not contain carcinogens and does not have a negative effect on air quality, meaning that there is no second or third hand smoke.

Simulating the mild flavor of a conventional cigar, the flavor of this ecigar last from the first puff to the last.

The lighter wrapper and smaller size of this Cubana e-cigar make for a refined and polished traditional cigar experience. 

  • Cubana Premium Electronic Cigar
    Cubana Premium Electronic Cigar
    Our Cubana Premium Electronic Cigar comes in a small-ring size that produces a mild, but highly enjoyable cigar experience that’s refined with unparalleled balance and smooth taste.  The lighter wrapper and...