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The Maracello

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  • Maracello Rechargeable Electronic Cigar
    Maracello Rechargeable Electronic Cigar
    The Maracéllo Rechargeable Cigar offers a premium cigar experience and the convenience of a rechargeable unit.  The look, feel and taste of an elegant cigar experience can now be enjoyed over and over again...
  • Maracello Refill Cartridges (2 Pack)
    Maracello Refill Cartridges (2 Pack)
    Extend the enjoyment of your Maracello Rechargeable Electronic Cigar with these refill cartridges.  Each cartridge is the equivalent of 6-8 conventional cigars.   Just pop in the refill cartridge and continue to...
  • Replacement Charger - Maracello Rechargeable Cigar
    Replacement Charger - Maracello Rechargeable Cigar
    Did you lose your charger on a vacation?  Or maybe the dog got to it? No matter the reason, we've got you covered.   Our Replacement Charger comes with both the wall unit and the USB cable.   Did you also...